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About Us

While volunteering his time in Tent City Chicago during the Polar Vortex of 2018, Mike Lyp decided he wanted to start volunteering more actively on a regular basis. He wanted to be involved closer to home and volunteering within his community where he could be more hands-on regularly and make an impact locally. Mike Lyp then started Helping Hands and Caring Hearts in early 2019.

Helping Hands and Caring Hearts is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is devoted to making a difference in the community. This organization has no paid employees and thrives on volunteers and donations. Donations are utilized appropriately with supporting our veterans, helping our homeless population locally, and/or helping to provide basic everyday essentials to the less fortunate within our community.

Since starting this 501(c) 3, HHCH’s has 5 board members and approximately 15 volunteers that consistently donate time week after week that we are so grateful for.

One of the things HHCH’s looks forward to is that we run a soup kitchen every second and fourth Sunday of every month out of Holy Trinity Church in Elgin, IL. Each service, HHCH’s volunteers safely prep a hot meal for approximately 50 of our displaced houseless friends.

Thru-out the year, we also help support local food pantries, TLS veterans, local VFW’s and work alongside other locals organizations with their fundraising efforts. Toy/Food/Winter Items drive, Easter Basket Drive, Stock the shelves drives and providing a Free Veteran’s Day BBQ Lunch at American Legion in Huntley are just a few other things HHCH does annually within our community.

Helping Hands and Caring Hearts continues to grow and we are always looking to have volunteers! All demonstrations of support are so appreciative.

To get involved please contact Helping Hands by emailing

Board Members

Mike Lyp


Trina Albiniak

Vice President

Arianna Fontana


Peggy Casey Osborn


Susan Lyp

Board Member

Allie Maczko

Board Member